Thornaby Wood

Thornaby Wood lies to the north of Ingleby Barwick and is close to Bassleton Wood Local Nature Reserve. This wood is ancient semi-natural woodland and covers an area of just over 17 acres with oak and ash being the dominant species, roe deer are often seen here. Ancient woodland gets its designation from being in existence for some 400 years or more, and the animals and plants that use these areas have had time to develop alongside one another and in many respects depend upon each other for protection, food and for seed dispersal.

Thornaby Wood also has archaeological interest in the form of World War 2 pillboxes. These lookout posts formed part of the defence of Thornaby Airfield and are unusual in their design in that they incorporate two compartments linked by a covered through corridor. One compartment would house a machine gun and the other would act as an infantry post for up to five riflemen. Of the 90 pillboxes listed on the Tees Archaeology Environment Record, these are the only pillboxes with this particular type of design.

An artwork seating area has been provided on the footpath between the Gateway and the Tees on the Thornaby side, which provides a viewpoint across Bassleton Beck Valley.


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